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CATENE PBC1010O700000000


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Catene is an exquisite and modern jewelry series. Catene means "chain" in Italian. The design of this series is inspired by the distinctive shape of the chain, deducing the brand's enthusiasm for this jewelry logo. Just like the traditional chain, the "horse-bit rope" chain ring is very flexible, adding a charming tactile charm.

Catene是一个精致现代的珠宝系列,Catene在意大利语中是“链条”的意思,本系列的设计灵感源自链条的鲜明造型,演绎出品牌对这一珠宝标志的热情。 正如传统的链条一样,“马衔索式”链圈非常柔韧,增添一份迷人的触觉魅力。