• NUDO PCC2022O7000BRCQR
  • NUDO PCC2022O7000BRCQR




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Nudo reveals mesmerising rose gold pendants in pink chalcedony paired with rose quartz. The two gemstones are seamlessly bonded back-to-back and girded at the centre by a band of gold, givings twice the play of light and adding new colour experiences thank's to the house’s unique Clessidra cut. Brown diamonds are set into a roundel above the gemstones for a sparkling finish to this jewel. Necklace with pendant in 18K rose and white gold, 1 rose quartz with chalcedony 9.5 ct, 10 brown diamonds 0.1 ct

Nudo 展示了迷人的粉红玉髓玫瑰金吊坠,搭配玫瑰石英。两颗宝石背靠背无缝粘合,并在中心由一条金带环绕,提供双倍的光线效果,并增加新的色彩体验,这要归功于品牌独特的 Clessidra 切割。棕色钻石镶嵌在宝石上方的圆形圆形中,为这颗宝石增添了闪亮的光泽。
18K 玫瑰金和白金吊坠项链,1 颗玫瑰石英配玉髓 9.5 ct,10 颗棕色钻石 0.1 ct