• Dry & Style Set - Soho
  • Dry & Style Set - Soho
  • Dry & Style Set - Soho
  • Dry & Style Set - Soho


Dry & Style Set - Soho


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Win the frizz fight! amika’s Satin Savage Smoothing Conditioner defends against frizz-inducing humidity to keep hair smooth and protected throughout the day, no matter the weather!

1. The magic berry (sea Buckthorn Berry) fortifies itself against the elements by providing an arsenal of powerful nutrients.
2. Contains an extremely lightweight silicone which is hydrolyzed for time-released humidity protection throughout the day.
3. Packed with Glycerin which returns moisture to dry hair, keeps dry, brittle hair at bay and strengthens.
4. Filled with Vitamin B5 which helps to promote and restore hair’s resilience and provides long-lasting moisturization.
5. Protect hair against breakage, reduces split ends, smoothes and strengthens.
6. Free of sulfates, sodium chloride, parabens and artificial colors.