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FANTINA PMC0090O700000000


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Elegant and fearless, Fantina's gold jewelry series inherits Pomellato's outstanding design and revolutionizes to a new level. The pendant can be worn in two ways. The ellipses are connected to each other or suspended from the necklace to present a double-drop pendant. Pendant in 18K rose gold. Height: 3.8cm x length: 2.6cm. Open pendant: 5.4cm  height: 2.6cm

优雅而无畏,Fantina 金饰系列秉承 Pomellato 卓越设计,革命性推进至崭新高度。两种方式可佩戴坠饰,椭圆之间相互穿联或悬于项链呈现双水滴型坠饰。
18K 玫瑰金吊坠。高度:3.8cm x 长度:2.6cm。开口吊坠:高度:5.4cm x 长度:2.6cm