• Leica Sports Optics - Noctivid 8x42
  • Leica Sports Optics - Noctivid 8x42

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Leica Sports Optics - Noctivid 8x42


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The Leica NOCTIVID glasses are compact in size, stylish, and elegant, robust and resilient. The optical and mechanical systems of the new Leica NOCTIVID family of binoculars unite the best of the latest and most innovative technologies to create a new pinnacle of excellence. The optical engineers have integrated no less than 12 glass lens elements in the new Leica NOCTIVID models to achieve viewing excellence that fulfills even the most stringent demands. SCHOTT HTâ„¢ (High Transmission) glasses ensure amazingly natural color rendition. The Leica NOCTIVID binoculars take advantage of a new high-temperature plasma deposition process for highest-quality lens coatings that guarantee perfectly balanced transmission characteristics throughout the entire wavelength range of visible light, which results in a breathtakingly bright and color-neutral viewing image.