• NUDO PCB010O6000000TL
  • NUDO PCB010O6000000TL


NUDO PCB010O6000000TL


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Pomellato signature ring, an elegant pendant. The ultimate simplicity, full of modern atmosphere. Inlaid with the same ""Nudo"" gemstones, creating a classic, showing a colorful combination of fantasy colors.
Nudo Petit rose gold and white gold pendant with London blue topaz (CM 42 ± 0.50)
Pomellato 标志性戒指,化身优雅坠饰。极致简约,尽显摩登气息。镶饰同款“Nudo”宝石,打造经典,呈现缤纷梦幻色彩组合。
Nudo Petit 玫瑰金与白金坠饰搭配伦敦蓝托帕石(CM 42 ± 0.50)