• Qipao Collar Printed Long Sleeve Dress
  • Qipao Collar Printed Long Sleeve Dress

Shanghai Tang

Qipao Collar Printed Long Sleeve Dress


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The Shanghai Tang's classic five-button velvet Tang suit is designed with Chinese-style raglan shoulders and a relaxed silhouette. The brand carefully selects their classic imported velvet, which has a delicate touch and a suede surface that exudes a high-end and elegant shine. The light and slightly elastic printed silk lining narrates the brand's story. The hand-painted printing pattern, themed 'Pipa Xing', depicts a vibrant and story-filled scene of dancers gathering under the hexagonal pavilion of 'Shanghai Bund', using the colours 丹雘 (dān huò) and 钌靘 (mìng qìng).. The folded sleeves subtly showcase the fusion and innovation of classic culture and modern Chinese style, exuding an elegant charm and ultimate luxury. The suit can also be worn backwards to experience a different Tang suit style.
· 'Song of Pipa' printed silk lining
· Classic handmade five-piece square buckle on the placket
· Turn-down cuff details
· Made with Shanghai Tang's classic imported velvet fabric