• Velvet Bow Tie-neck Top
  • Velvet Bow Tie-neck Top

Shanghai Tang

Velvet Bow Tie-neck Top


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An elegant round-neck top with asymmetrical cut and velvet bow tie details on the neckline. The streamlined design creates a straight and sophisticated silhouette. The combination of black velvet and printed silk gives off a casual, relaxed, and gentle vibe.
This series features the brand's classic 26mm double-sided satin fabric, with a two-color printed double-sided satin in 丹雘 (dān huò) and 钌靘 (mìng qìng). The hand-painted "the Song of Pipa" theme depicts dancers in a joyful gathering under a hexagonal pavilion at "Shanghai Bund". The fabric is soft, skin-friendly, and breathable, providing the ultimate comfort. The double-sided construction adds durability and high-quality, showcasing elegance and timeless style.
- Exquisite shell buckle details at the round neck opening
- Asymmetrical cut
- Delicate jade button decoration on cuffs
- 26mm double-sided satin "the Song of Pipa" printed fabric